Why Anti-Aging Products Are So Popular

We live in a shallow world, with beauty standards that are almost impossible to keep pace with. All glossy magazines and TV shows depict slim, young and beautiful individuals, with white, flawless teeth, with smooth skin and with sparkling eyes. As these models set the standards so high, there’s no wonder we all have a hard time complying.

None of us is getting any younger, so we witness the formation of more and more wrinkles on our faces. At the same time, we want the recognition and the awe of our peers, we want to be loved and cherished, so we do our best to look younger.

Unfortunately, everything around us encourages us to strive for perfection. Scientists have shown that beautiful people do better in life. They get better jobs, they are more respected in their communities, they have an easier time making new friends, and they are invitedĀ titan gel pareri to more parties and social events. If you are beautiful, everything becomes easier. The direct result of this mentality is that everybody wants to look young and beautiful.

Since nature hasn’t been equally generous with us all, some people have to make use of cosmetics and surgical procedures, in order to curb their appeal. This isn’t to blame, as society encourages this trend, so all we can do is follow. Those who stand against it are left aside. They are denied many advantages, so they have a more difficult life. Under these circumstances, there’s no wonder people invest so much in maintaining their youthful appearance.

Marketing experts have taken advantage of this natural trend, by dividing this area into narrow niches such as eye care, lip care, facial skin care, feet care and body care. They have developed products that target a specific area of the body, making it look younger. Besides, they’ve also created advertising and marketing materials to explain consumers the benefits of choosing these niche products.

Due to this segmenting, the anti-aging industry as a whole has become huge. Billions of dollars are spent each and every year by people trying to defeat the early signs of aging. Our desire to look youthful even in our elderly years has made anti-aging products so popular. As the definition of a beautiful skin has changed over the years, we now want to get rid of multiple signs of premature aging such as brownish spots, sagging skin, wrinkles, dark under eye circles and dry skin.

Skin care specialists have developed products to address each of these problems. This is the reason why we have now product lines containing nine or ten different creams and lotions, each of them addressing a specific skin problem. We don’t use the same product for all areas of our body.

We have creams designed especially for the delicate skin around our eyes. We have day creams and night creams for the face. We have anti-wrinkle creams. We have bleaching lotions and ointments that are meant to attenuate our age spots. Each problem has a specific remedy. This is why the average woman uses more than 10 different skin care and beauty products each and every day.

Technology progress and the increased demand for new beauty and anti-aging products have led to the current dynamic of consumer preferences. Market leaders create needs and trends, making all people in the specific demographic segment try to follow. Innovation and an ardent wish to be considered attractive are the main factors of this rapid development of the anti-aging and skin care industry. We are all slaves to glossy magazines and shallow trends, so all we can do is comply or disappear.