Vitiligo in very simple terms is the disorder of the skin where by the skin cells which are known as the melanocytes get destroyed completely which brings about white patches on the skin surface on different parts of the body which means that even hair that is growing on the area that has been affected turns to be white in appearance.

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The Symptoms of Vitiligo Skin Disorder

The major symptoms of the vitiligo skin disorder are the white patches which form on the skin surface. These white patches usually get bigger in a very short while and are also spread all over the body with time. The rate or the total duration that it takes for the white patches to spread all over the body is varied. To some people they get spread very fast while to other people they may take even a couple of years to be spread all over the body. The white patches are found in plenty on the body parts that are directly exposed to the sun most of the times. These include the hands, face, and the feet and around a person’s lips. These white patches are however also common in hidden areas such as the armpits, the groin, the nostrils, in the navel area and on the genitals. Those individuals who have vitiligo are also victims of early graying of the hair.

The Diagnosis of Vitiligo

The white patches that appear on the skin are simply the tell-tale symptoms of vitiligo but it is always very important to have a complete diagnosis carried out to confirm whether or not an individual is suffering from vitiligo. The factors that are used to complete the diagnosis of vitiligo include the following. A confirmation whether the patient has parents or a parent who suffers or has suffered from vitiligo previously, whether cases of autoimmune diseases runs in the patient’s family, if the patient has started to get grey hair before getting to thirty five years off age. At times, a blood test and a biopsy is usually carried out to help out in ruling off any other medical conditions to confirm that it is indeed vitiligo skin disorder.

How Treatment of Vitiligo is Carried Out

Vitiligo treatment is a highly researched area that keeps on changing daily whenever some new progress is made. The treatment of this disease hugely depends on how extensive the condition has advanced to. It also depends on the financial ability of the patient to decide which treatment will fit his or her budget as there are some treatments that are very expensive and not every one may be able to afford that. The treatment however, when started, usually comes about with very many side effects that may affect the patient. is a great post if you feel that there may be information that we left out in this article.