Taking care of your best binoculars for hunting

best binoculars for huntingHaving binoculars is essential for hunting enthusiasts. There’s a lot you can get out of the best binoculars for hunting. The high-end brands (like Zeiss and Vortex) would even come in hefty prices. As a good measure, it would be best if you can take good care of them so they continue functioning.

Keep your binoculars at their best condition. This article gives you tips on how to store, protect, clean, and maintain your gear.

Storing Your Binoculars

People would often think that the binoculars need to be kept safe when they use it outdoors. And that holds true. But you need to remember that the binoculars also need to be stored and kept properly. The binoculars should be kept at a dry area, preferably in low humidity. When water vapor condenses on the glass, this forms a fog inside the binoculars.

Most brands create binoculars that are fog proof and waterproof inside and out. However, the fog can still form on the glasses if the binoculars are kept in an area that experiences high temperature fluctuations.

You can avoid the fog in all conditions by reducing the moisture around the binoculars. Silica gels can be placed around the binoculars so the moisture gets absorbed. These are readily available in Amazon or Walmart.

Protecting Your Binoculars During Hunting Trips

When outdoors, binoculars are very vulnerable to damage like scratches on the body or on the lens. You can keep your binoculars safe by using a binocular harness instead of the usual straps. The harness is made to secure the binoculars on your chest. Binocular straps are still better than holding the binoculars in your hands, but the straps alone won’t prevent the binoculars from being scratched.

During extreme weather conditions such as heavy rains and winds, keep the lens closed to keep dirt, water, and sand away from the lens. Cleaning should only be done when necessary to avoid scratching the lens.

Cleaning Your Binoculars the Proper Way

Occasionally cleaning the lens can improve the optimal performance of the binoculars, but you should do it the right way, or you might just end up damaging your gear.

To clean your lens, start by blowing air on the lens or sweep the surface with fine-haired brushes (e.g make-up brushes). Use a specialized cleaning cloth especially made to clean the lens. Don’t use just any material to wipe it. Rub the cleaning cloth gently on the lens to remove the dirt. If you have a cleaning kit with you, you can do the major cleaning from time to time as well.

Sending Your Binoculars In For Maintenance

Binoculars would need to have regular maintenance. Just because the binoculars are functioning like usual, it doesn’t mean you should skip the regular maintenance. It’s a challenge to clean the lens completely. A technician should be able to do the works with the tools they have. Just make sure you send them to trustworthy centers. Contact the brand, and ask them for their recommended service centers.