Is Hemp CBD Oil Legal To Purchase In The United States?

Cannabidiol oil, or simply referred to as CBD oil is one among the most misunderstood supplements in use today. Its mere association with cannabis has been the primary reason for its mixed perceptions especially with regards to its legal status. In this article, we shall try to uncover some facts that may help us understand some important details to answer the question is CBD oil Legal?

Understanding The Origin

To understand the legality of CBD oil, it is imperative that we begin by understanding the forms in which the substance comes. Cannabidiol can either be derived from;

1. Medical marijuana or

2. Industrially grown hemp plant.

While both the above are varieties of Cannabis, the difference comes in the purpose for which each one of them is grown. Indeed, it is this very difference that significantly determines the legal status of the oil.

Cannabidiol from Medical Marijuana

Even before we look at the legal status of CBD oil derived from medical marijuana, there is an interesting fact to settle with. While marijuana plants are naturally grown to be high in CBD, it is important to note that depending on the environmental conditions and other external stimuli, the CBD derived from these plants have varying amounts of THC which is considered the psychoactive compound.

These oils are sold to licensed stores and prescribed by qualified physicians in areas where marijuana is legal. While there appear to be so many gray areas when it comes to CBD derived from medical marijuana, we can safely conclude that the legality of this kind of oil depends on the psychoactive levels of the compounds from which it is extracted.

Cannabidiol from Industrial Hemp

The use of CBD oil from industrial hemp is not as strictly regulated as that from medical marijuana. This is because the United States FDA considers hemp supplements dietary as opposed to medication supplements. This means that anyone living in the US can readily purchase and consume Cannabidiol with no prescription.

Is Cannabidiol Legal, Therefore?

In the United States, and many countries, CBD oil derived from industrial hemp is legal to purchase and consume because just like the US FDA, other relevant agencies in different countries consider the oil derived from hemp products a dietary supplement as opposed to one prescribed for medical use.

However, the CBD derived from medical marijuana is only legal in states or countries where the use of medical marijuana is legal. For this reason, it is important to find out the legality of this substance from relevant government bureaus and agencies before ordering it. One resourceful body is the customs department that can be used to provide some information on the legality of this oil before making an order.