How To Quit Smoking And Not Gain Weight

It’s a well-known fact that when someone decides to quit smoking they’re often rewarded with gaining 10 pounds for all of their determination and resolve. Why? Since it’s healthier not to smoke in the first place, this just doesn’t make any sense. The truth of the matter is that smoking is an appetite suppressant. When the appetite kicks back into full swing, it’s easy to eat like you should and gain weight.

These tips and tricks will help you to learn how to avoid those 10 extra pounds if you quit smoking.

Brushing Your TeethWhen you read about losing weight and weight-loss, there is a magic trick that if you brush your teeth immediately after eating you’ll have a nice clean mouth. It’s easier not to snack when you have a clean mouth because people naturally avoid putting food into a freshly brushed mouth. That would make the food taste funny, and it also means you have to re-brush your teeth. This is an excellent way to help avoid overeating. It can also help if you’re craving a cigarette, just brush your teeth and allow that freshly brushed feeling to overtake you. It may help you to avoid overeating and smoking.

Healthy Snacks

Of course a light snack is not always going to work… sometimes you’re going to be too hungry to feel guilty for it. Other times you’re simply going to be weak and give in and eat something or have that smoke. The trick here is to keep some healthy snacks on hand so that you won’t smoke and you won’t head out to the vending machine. Healthy snacks include celery, carrots, other veggies and the like. It will help you to focus on healthier options if you already have them on hand.

Working Out

While working out may help you to stop a craving, you can’t always work out. Get into the habit however of working out and ensure that you’re doing so on a regular basis with like minded friends. You’ll be more likely to do it if you have friends doing it as well. You won’t want to let them down and they won’t want to let you down. Working out will release endorphins that you need to stop cravings for both food and smoking. Once you become addicted to working out, you’ll have another thing to focus on and helping you to move forward with your weight loss and smoking cessation plan.

Avoid Old Habits

You’ll find that you’re weakest when you are doing something that you would normally do when smoking or eating. A nicotine addiction has a pattern of craving and satisfaction. You’ll have to focus on the health benefits of not smoking or eating to help get past this. It’s going to be a lot of willpower to help move past it. Schedule something new and fun into these time slots.

Nicotine Vaping

One the best ways to quit and NOT gain the extra weight is by replacing the nicotine craving via vaping instead of smoking. The device vaporizes the e-liquid (which contains nicotine in various mgs) into an odorless vapor. Unlike smoking there are no carcinogens or additional addictive chemicals added, just the nicotine.

There are many devices available on the market, such as the Cuboid Mini for example. The brand Joyetech have been in the industry since the beginning and are one of the top vaping companies. The Cuboid mini vape mod as shown in the video review has many superior functions and is easy for a beginner to use right out the box (my personal favorite). Using a nicotine vaping unit like the cuboid mini allows the body to receive the cravings and keep the appetite suppressed.Remember too that when you’re trying to stop smoking and overeating you’ll have to keep in mind that your body isn’t just craving the nicotine, it’s also used to a particular routine that you’ll have to reset. It is going to take some time to rest your body into this new pattern and focus on what is healthier. Make a plan and stick to it so that you won’t be tempted to overeat or smoke. New routines are fun to create.